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BETA Camp Summer 2024

Launch a Real business in 4 Weeks

Virtual entrepreneurship program where teens build a real business - from ideation to revenue.

  • Get a 10-year head start on your career
  • Stand out on college applications
  • Build a world-class network

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800+ Alumni
4.8 Rating

Experience the real-world OF BUSINESS by creating ONE

Hands-On learning. Real-World Outcomes.

In just 4 weeks, teens are transformed into business pros.


Secured Dollar Store & Kumon as clients

Keva designed a groundbreaking web app that caught the attention of retail giant, the Dollar Store, and education powerhouse, Kumon, both of which became her clients.


Went on to raise $1.6M for his startup after BETA Camp

Rishi joined BETA Camp in the summer of 2020. After learning the startup process, he went on to launch another company, Otto Pet, which raised $1.6 M in Venture Capital funding.

The Secret to our Success?

Real World Entrepreneurs. Hands-On Learning. World-class Instructors. Learn directly from industry professionals and startup founders, like:

Martin Ochwat

Co-Founder of Dundas Life and Wellow. Martin has built several 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

Henry Shi

Co-Founder & CTO of SnapCommerce. SnapCommerce will surpass $1 Billion in sales in 2021.

Khaled Hussein

Founder and Managing Director of Stipple Ventures. Khaled's previous startup was acquired by Airbnb.

Nicole Fitzgerald

Machine Learning Research Engineer at Microsoft.

Carolyn Chen

Founder & CEO of Reset Beauty Inc. Carolyn is an expert at influencer marketing having partnered with the D'Amelio sisters.

Jessie Duan

Chief of Staff to the CTO at Roblox. Jessie was previously an Engineering Manager at Quora

Chris Lu

Co-founder of, an AI powered tool that has raised $2.3M USD. Chris has invested in 100+ startups

Kevin Kim

Co-founder & CEO of Stadium Live and previously Head of Product at Drop.

Ikenna Enwere

Bachelor of Science from MIT, his MBA from Wharton and MPP from Harvard.

What Can You Expect at BETA Camp

Focused Skill Building

Build a revenue-generating business that solves a real problem

1:1 Mentorship

Get personalized guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and startup advisors

Small Groups, Big Impact

Work in teams of 5 with 1 dedicated startup advisor to build a startup with real world results

LIVE Workshops with Industry Mentors

Interactive workshops led by industry professionals occur Monday-Friday, 12 pm - 3 pm ET

On-Demand Learning

In addition to live workshops, recorded video lessons that make it easy for you to learn on your own time


Collaborate with students who are your intellectual matches from all over the world.

We're investing $10K in this year's top ventures

We're raising the stakes at Demo Day this year. Teams in each cohort will have the opportunity to pitch for $10,000 in equity free investment and a full year of BETA Camp's year round fellowship program. Second and third place teams will also win a full year (8 months) and half year (four months) to BETA Camp's year round fellowship program to continue working on their business.

MBA and YCombinator Inspired Curriculum

Hours of live sessions
Hours of Recorded Lessons and Modules
Hours Per Week Total
Week 1
Foundations & Ideation
Understand entrepreneurship fundamentals, tech trends, how to work with a team, and identify real problems to solve. Create and test a valid business idea using ideation and market research.
Week 2
Research & Build
Master the tactical skills of entrepreneurship — copywriting, handling rejection, and leveraging tech. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), handle data, and build workflows.
Week 3
Marketing & Sales
Learn to strategize and sell with best practices for outreach, marketing funnels, viral content creation, and negotiation. Get initial traction for your startup and see those first sales come in!
Week 4
Pitching & Demo Day
Learn pitching, public speaking, and planning for future growth. BETA Camp culminates in Demo Day where you share your business and get feedback from VCs, investors, and entrepreneurs.
12pm et
1pm et
2pm et
Afternoon / Evening
Prep work
Day 1
Welcome to BETA Camp
Kickoff & Orientation
How to be Successful in Business
Communication skills and using AI to accelerate growth.
Founder Fireside
Guest Speaker
Why be an Entrepreneur Intro to Business
Day 2
Design Thinking
Explore Design Thinking frameworks to identify high-potential startup ideas.
Office Hours for Ideation Support
Intro to Design Thinking
Day 3
Idea Evaluation & Selection
User & Market Research Workshop
Understand market size and industry trends.
Meet your Startup Advisor
Customer Research User Interviews
Day 4
Choosing your Customer
Customer personas, targeting, and where to find them.
Hypothesis Testing
Formulate specific hypotheses to test and validate your business.
Hypothesis Testing Building an MVP Customer Niches
Day 5
Building your MVP
An interactive activity to help you build the first iteration of your product or service.
Meet your Startup Advisor
Team Formation
Social Event
No Code Tools MVP Templates
12pm et
1pm et
2pm et
Afternoon / Evening
Prep work
Day 1
How to price, find leads and secrets of cold and warm outreach.
Rejection Training
Startup Advisor Session
Record a sales video How to get your first ten customers
Day 2
Learn about the 4Ps customer journeys, top marketing strategies and brand messaging.
Revenue Planning
Strategize how you will generate $500 in revenue.
Office Hours for Sales and Marketing
Customer Lifecycle Customer Funnel
Day 3
Build in Public & Personal Branding
How to accelerate your traction with an online following.
Roles in Tech Panel
Social Media Account Setup
Day 4
Closing the Deal
Converting a prospect into a paying customer.
Founder Fireside Chat
Sales Sprint
Live sales competition.
Startup Advisor Session
Day 5
Uncover the root causes of problems in your business and learn how and when to pivot.
Roles in Business Panel
Office Hours for Sales and Marketing
Product Market Fit
12pm et
1pm et
2pm et
Afternoon / Evening
Prep work
Day 1
Financial Literacy and Startup Economics
How to build a financial model. Understand metrics like LTV, CAC, and profit margins.
Startup Financing
Understanding the different ways startups can fundraise.
TAM/SAM/SOM Startup Financials
Day 2
Scaling to $100k
Understand production and distribution channels, partnerships and product market fit.
Founder Fireside: How I Scaled My Business
Startup Advisor Session
Scaling and Growth
Day 3
Your $100k Plan
 Create a plan to scale to $100k in revenue.
Higher Education Panel
Office Hours for Revenue Planning
Day 4
Overcoming Entrepreneurship Challenges
How to develop the resiliency and mindset to work through entrepreneurial challenges.
Group Challenge Solving and Working Time
Startup Advisor Session
Day 5
Building your MVP
An interactive activity to help you build the first iteration of your product or service.
Office Hours for Pitch
12pm et
1pm et
2pm et
Afternoon / Evening
Prep work
Day 1
Public Speaking
Pitch Practice
Founder Fireside Chat
Startup Advisor Session
Public Speaking
Day 2
Pitch Practice
Craft your pitch and get feedback from your Startup Advisor.
Office Hours
Day 3
Demo Day Prep
Present to external guests to get feedback before Demo Day
Founder Fireside Chat
Office Hours
Day 4
Demo Day 1
All teams pitch their businesses. Finalists are selected.
Day 5
Demo Day 2
Finalists pitch for a $10k Investment to a live panel of investors.
Closing Ceremony

The Details


Four-week cohorts, Summer 2024.

Choose from:
Jun 17 - Jul 16
Jul 8 - Aug 2
Jul 22 - Aug 16

In each session, interactive workshops are held Mon - Fri, 12 pm - 3 pm ET (Eastern Time US).


100% online with interactive workshops.

BETA Camp is taught through live interactive online workshops where you learn directly from industry professionals and guest instructors.


We look for ambitious high school students ready to get an edge for their future. Eligibility:

- 9th-12th grade or just graduated (gap year students also eligible.)
- Located in the US, UK or Canada.

By the Numbers

Join the ranks of hundreds of students who have gained a competitive advantage for their future.

Students across 9+ countries have completed BETA Camp
Startups Launched
Of students say the developed practical career skills
of students say they will use BETA Camp on their college application

Get an edge for your future

BETA Camp opened up a world of possibilities for me.

I didn't think that I would have much to take away from BETA’s exposure to incredible speakers in lead positions of the world’s greatest companies. But I was proven wrong. It opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards.

Age 16

BETA Camp is what Y-Combinator is to Adults

...a startup accelerator that changes your life prospects right from day 1. BETA Camp is unique in the way it teaches theory you can immediately apply to your startup.

Age 15

BETA Camp provided many great learning opportunities.

BETA Camp was much more extensive than any other summer program for high school students as it did not only scratch the surface of business topics, many of our sessions delved very deep into them, which were great learning opportunities for me.

Age 18

BETA Camp gave me confidence in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

BETA Camp really opened up my mind to new opportunities I would never be exposed to during school, or any other leadership programs for high school students.

Age 15

BETA Camp is aimed to help ALL teams develop and launch a real business!

Other tech and business programs for high school students I have participated in have been theoretical. I never was able to put any of the plans into action. I appreciate that BETA Camp is aimed to help ALL teams develop and launch a real business!

Age 16

BETA Camp has helped me branch out and become better at public speaking

When I joined BETA Camp I was very shy, but BETA Camp has helped me branch out and become better at public speaking. I got out of my introverted shell and learned ways to turn being a high school entrepreneur into an advantage.

Age 17

At BETA Camp we're constantly put into situations where we have to work with new people

One of the most valuable things I've taken away is the importance teamwork. We need to push each other if we want to maximize our potential

Age 17

I think BETA Camp is definitely one of a kind.

The connections I've made with my team and close we've gotten is absolutely crazy. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I wouldn't have traded it for the world!

Age 16

BETA Camp helped me meet people working in my dream job and learn from their experiences

I not only got to actually build a startup, but I got to meet people working in my dream job and learn from their experiences, learn business concepts not taught in school, and develop a network of like minded individuals who I will keep friends with for life.

Age 15

BETA Camp serves as a really good opportunity to get your foot in the door, even before leaving high school.

To anyone skeptical about creating your own startup, you really have no idea how much you will be able to learn and grow. With a helpful team, you can make a surprising impact in any industry.

Age 17

BETA Camp has been the best summer program I have participated in thus far.

Connecting with others who are all as interested as I am in this field was one of the best feelings, especially when able to challenge my limits alongside them.

Age 16

BETA Camp has been one of the best experiences I've had

This program taught so many skills and knowledge necessary in building a startup. Industry professionals were brought in every week to give advice and personal experiences.

Age 17

I’ve never felt more productive in my life

and I don’t mean in a studying school way. For what might’ve been the first time in my life, I felt like I’ve put the knowledge I’ve learned whether it was through school or the BETA Camp workshops, to use. I’ve experienced the real effect of implementing what I’ve learned into my daily life.

Shrihan Ala
Age 17

BETA Camp surpassed my expectations

Over the past 12 weeks, it was truly a privilege to be exposed and to spend time with such exceptional and progressive business, tech leaders and entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend this program.

Age 16
Founder Note

Prequel was born after I saw my 15-year-old sister struggling to answer that annoying question we all get as a kid: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

She loved art but saw the only path forward as a struggling artist. The lack of exposure to the real world and its limited possibilities left her uninspired and anxious about her future.

Prequel exists to help kids realize agency in doing hard, scary, ambitious things - like daring to find purpose and pursue their passion.

More About Prequel
Meet the team behind it all
Salman Sohani
Program Director

Salman started his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 16, by starting an apparel brand that was bootstrapped by two-part time jobs. After completing business school at Queen's University, Salman worked at VC-backed startups like Ada and Kandji. When not leading BETA Camp’s programs, you can find him on the soccer pitch, playing pick-up basketball, skateboarding or hiking around his home base of Toronto, Canada.

Katarina Smith
Program Director

Katarina has spent the last 7 years helping students discover their passions and interests in the world of tech & business. She's taught and worked with thousands students and early-career people through her programs at On Deck, a VC-backed startup, and UBC Geering Up, a non-profit. When not supporting BETA Camp students, you can find her hiking, kayaking, dancing, or playing board games.



The beta camp

  • Launch a startup in 4 weeks and get your first paying customer
  • Build your resume with real-world experience and results
  • Stand out on college applications with a unique experience
  • Build a strong network of peers and mentors working at top tech companies
Regular Tuition
Summer Program

4 Installments of $987 USD

Session 1
Application Deadline: Jun 1
Session 2
Application Deadline: Jun 15
Session 3
Application Deadline: Jul 1
Try BETA Camp Risk Free:
1 week money-back guarantee


We know making an investment in BETA Camp can feel a little scary, but we’re absolutely confident about it’s value. That’s why we offer a 1 week money-back guarantee: 

Try BETA Camp for a week, and if you find it’s not for you, just email us for a full refund, no questions asked.

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