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April 10, 2021

Top 13 Tech Programs to Join as a High School Student

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The technology field is expected to advance significantly in the coming years as things such as AI and machine learning progress. Whether it be for virtual online high school or asking Siri what the weather is, technology is present in every moment of our lives. If you're interested in delving into the world of tech, technology camps and computer science summer programs will provide you with valuable skills you can apply in your future careers. If you're a high schooler looking to learn more about tech for your future career, but don't know what programs to join you've come to the right place! Below, we've compiled a list of the top 13 tech programs for high school students for you to consider joining to advance your path to success. 


All Year Program

BETA Camp is a 4-week summer or 16-week school year immersive online training program for students that focuses on teaching high school students how to start a business from scratch. At BETA Camp, instead of learning from professors or teachers, campers learn from a network of industry leaders from top global companies to help them design, test, and build a successful business while learning critical life skills most only begin to learn once they are a part of the workforce. Hence, the students receive a hands-on experience! They are currently accepting applications for both Summer and School Year programs, so if you're interested in an entrepreneurship program apply here:


  • If you apply until April 7th, you'll get a discount price of $3200 for the 4-week summer program (5 days/week full time) (you can opt for paying in 5 installments of $640) – If you're not satisfied after a week at the camp, you can ask for a refund and get money back
  • The School Year program (Apollo Build Mission) costs $900 (full mission tuition) or $300 per month for 4 months (1 session a week for 90 minutes) - If you're not satisfied after a month, you'll get a 100% refund
Top 1 tech program — Beta Camp customer testimonial

Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute at UCLA

The Applications of Nanoscience is a two-week online summer course that teaches high school students with a background in chemistry how to create a viable, scientifically sound technology, and bring it to market. Along with being a high school technology program, it is also a high school entrepreneurship program. It teaches design thinking to high school students and allows them the opportunity to explore questions that are being investigated by the current scientific community.

Upon completing this online course, students will demonstrate their acquired knowledge through participation in a team research project. Also, high school students will gain valuable experience in team-based research and get to present a business idea and product to potential technology investors. If you're interested in participating, apply here until June 1st!


  • ‍Mandatory Housing: $4,254 (program fee ($3,793) + registration fee + IEI fee + document fee)
  • Commuter Program: $2,866 (program fee ($2,405) + all the above fees)
Nanoscience Summer Institute at UCLA banner

Stanford AI4ALL

‍The Stanford Artificial Intelligence for All (AI4ALL) online program serves as a guiding light for high school students with a passion for exploring artificial intelligence. This three-week program goes beyond mere coding instruction – it offers a transformative journey that allows program participants to to explore complex fields of AI, machine learning, and robotics.

Throughout the program's duration, students encounter a dynamic curriculum covering a spectrum of topics, ranging from coding fundamentals to ethical considerations in AI. Stanford AI4ALL is more than just a technical skills workshop – it provides a comprehensive experience aimed at cultivating critical thinking and nurturing a sense of ethical responsibility in using AI for societal advancement. Students interested in the program can apply here.


Stanford AI4ALL program banner

Veritas AI

Founded & run by Harvard graduate students, Veritas AI is an AI program for ambitious high school students. In the program, students learn the fundamentals of AI, interact with world-class AI researchers, and build personalized projects that they can use for college applications and beyond. No coding skills are required and the program has levels for advanced students.

Veritas AI offers a variety of computer programs, for young people eager to learn:

  • AI Scholars program
  • AI Fellowship
  • Deep Dive (combining AI and Medicine or Finance)
  • AI Trailblazers
  • AI Junior Fellowship

If you're interested in applying, here is the application form. The program also offers financial aid for those in need. There are cohorts in the summer, fall, winter, and spring.


  • ‍AI Scholars & Deep Dives: $1790
  • AI Fellowship with Publication and Showcase: $4900
  • Combination (Scholars + Fellowship): $5900
  • AI Accelerator (30, 1 on 1 sessions): $8900
Veritas AI program banner

Technology Student Association 

The Technology Student Association is a national organization that provides high schoolers with networking, competing, and leadership opportunities. It is a strong high school technology extracurricular program, and participation in it provides students the opportunity to explore STEM education and career interests. Competing in the wide variety of TSA competitions, such as architecture, communications, engineering, leadership, and technology, allows you to be able to participate and learn something that caters specifically to your interest. You can participate in these competitions through your school chapter. If your school doesn't have a chapter and you want to make one, check this link out!

Price: Ask your school's TSA president for any cost!

BlueStamp Engineering 

BlueStamp Engineering is a summer and school year program for high school students in San Jose, California, where they can create and design technology projects from scratch. Apart from the in-person program, students can also opt for a remote program. The in-person program is 6 weeks long and students start creating from day one when they choose a project they are the most interested in. They track their advancement in their portfolios while mastering the foundational principles of engineering and construction, and work on their problem-solving skills. Every student is given a chance to showcase their work during Demo Night. As the summer draws to a close, their portfolio transforms into a powerful instrument for sharing their achievements. Apply for the BlueStamp Student Application through their homepage


  • ‍In-person program: $4,900 (6 weeks long, all parts, tools, equipment, and instruction included)
  • Remote program: $2,200 (3 weeks long, all parts, tools, equipment, and instruction included)
Bluestamp engineering tech program banner

Columbia University Summer Immersion

High school students looking for engineering, technology skills computer science, and math extracurriculars should definitely look into this program! High schoolers can opt for NYC Commuter or Residential Summer. They can choose from a variety of different subject areas to spend one or three weeks learning about from Columbia scholars and experts and also participate in extracurricular activities led by current students. Along with participating in tech courses, check out the technology courses available here!


  • ‍NYC Commuter Summer: $2,825 (one week), or $6,300 (three weeks)
  • NYC Residential Summer: $12,449 (three weeks)

*Students should set aside around $50 for textbooks and field trips, and since some advanced courses require a laptop, it should be purchased before the beginning of the program.

Columbia University summer tech program banner

UCSD – Academic Connections Research Scholars

The UCSD Research Scholars Program allows high schoolers to work individually with a UCSD faculty researcher in an actual chemistry, biochemistry, biology, or nanotechnology lab on campus or online. This program provides an academically and socially enriching experience to a diverse, college-bound, high school population and engages them in exciting fields of research and study. There are only summer sessions available for the year of 2024. If you're interested in applying, click here!


  • ‍Online course tuition: $1,500
  • Online course tuition + online SAT prep course: $1,700
  • Residential course tuition + residential housing: $5,950
  • Residential course tuition + residential housing + online SAT prep course: $6,150

*Apply before February 9th and get $200 off the residential program and $100 off the online program.

Research scholars tech program banner

NYU's Summer's Program on Machine Learning

For enthusiasts fascinated by the field of machine learning, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering presents a two-week summer program that goes beyond theory and dives into tangible, real-world implementations. Situated in the heart of New York City, this immersive experience grants high school students the chance to dive into into the practical facets of machine learning, guided by the esteemed faculty of NYU.

High school students embark on an educational journey that seamlessly blends traditional classroom learning with hands-on projects, enabling them to actively apply machine learning principles to real-world challenges. Additionally, the program places significant emphasis on exploring the ethical implications of data science, and broader societal ramifications of this evolving domain through interactive discussions, workshops, and engagement with industry experts.

Price: $3,558 (tuition fee + add-on fees)

NYU tech program banner

iD Tech Camps

iD Tech Camps gathers driven and curious high school students and teaches them the upcoming things in the tech world. You'll be able to learn through highly skilled industry professionals and graduate students and apply to a program that caters specifically to your interest. There are many locations and programs, making it easy to find one that applies to you! From Scratch courses to Unity courses, you'll be sure to find something you're bound to love. Moreover, high school students can opt for individual or group sessions. Depending on the program, you'll have the opportunity to obtain certification endorsed by iD Tech and/or one of their partners. Look here for more information! 


  • Day Camp: from $949 a week (+ optional weekday lunch from $70 a week)
  • Overnight Camp: from $679 a week (all meals are included)
ID Tech summer tech program

Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation

Explore Engineering Innovation is an online and in-person college-level, summer training for high school students who are interested in engineering, math, or science. The program offers residential (campus in Maryland) and commuter opportunities (one of the host locations in CA, DC, or MD). Students will complete lab activities in all types of engineering and prepare a presentation in response to a Request for Proposal to learn about engineering finance and study engineering ethics. This curriculum was developed by John Hopkins University and provides John Hopkins University credit to students who complete the course with a final grade of an A or B. Make sure to apply here!

Price: $3575 (+ additional fees if you opt for residential options)

John Hopkins summer tech program banner

Berkley Summer Computer Science Academy

The Berkeley Summer Computer Science Academy (BSCSA) is renowned as a top-tier destination for high school students looking for computer science courses. This immersive program offers a well-balanced mix of rigorous academics, hands-on projects, and an exclusive glimpse into the forefront of technological advancements.

At BSCSA, participants aren't just passive observers; they play an integral role in shaping their educational experience. The program is meticulously designed to prepare students impart a comprehensive grasp of computer science fundamentals, including programming languages, algorithms, and data structures. However, beyond these foundational elements, BSCSA prides itself on cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation. Applicants must be high school students aged 16 to 17 by June 16, 2024, and must demonstrate strong academic performance. If you want to excel in computer science, apply here!

Price: $5060 (+ program application fee)

Berkley coding academy tech program

UCLA's Computer Science Summer Institute

The UCLA Computer Science Summer Institute seamlessly integrates academic rigor, practical exploration, and exposure to the forefront of digital innovation. Participants enter a transformative academic journey, covering a spectrum of computer science programs, algorithmic problem-solving and software engineering principles. The curriculum is flexible, catering to different proficiency levels, ensuring both high school students without any prior coding experience and those aspiring to become software architects encounter challenges that stimulate their intellectual development. If you want to learn more about this program, check it out here!

Price: The price depends on the student type and the program (number of units) you want to take (to calculate the price of the program, click here)

UCLA Computer Science summer institute tech program

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