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March 26, 2021

Top Business and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

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If you're a teen interested in business, we know how difficult it is to find high school extracurricular programs that allow you to be able to build and learn critical entrepreneurship skills.

Especially in this current time, standing out on college applications amongst your peers is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, we're here to help you!

We compiled a list of the top business programs for high school students that focus on leadership, building a business, and becoming a better entrepreneur - all while in high school! 


All Year Program

BETA Camp is a 4 week summer or 16 week school year immersive online training program for students that focuses on teaching high school students how to start a business from scratch.

At BETA Camp, instead of learning from professors or teachers, campers learn from a network of industry leaders from top global companies to help them design, test, and build a successful business plan while learning critical life skills.

If you're interested in an entrepreneurship program apply here:

What can you expect at BETA Camp summer program

BETA Camp Essentials: What You Need to Know

Here's the BETA Camp 4-week breakdown:

Week 1: Foundations & Ideation

  • Learn entrepreneurship basics and teamwork.
  • Identify real world problems and create business ideas accordingly.

Week 2: Research & Build

  • Conduct market research and develop business ideas.
  • Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Week 3: Marketing & Sales

  • Develop marketing strategies and make sales.

Week 4: Pitching & Demo Day

  • Craft pitches and present them to investors.
  • Participate in Demo Day for feedback.

Price: 5 installments of $600 USD ($3000 USD total) for the 4-week summer program (5 days/week full time)

After BETA Camp business program, students have an opportunity to join AlphaX, an invite-only program for those who show dedication. It helps them develop their startup ideas further with guidance and mentorship.

All students become part of the alumni community, where they can network and attend events. Some continue with their startups, while others explore new ventures or land internships through the connections they make at BETA Camp.

Beta Camp Summer 2024

Who can join BETA Camp?

Middle and high school students, aged 13 to 18, from the US, Canada, or the UK are welcome to apply.

Students' & Parents' Feedback

Based on the success stories and feedback, students love BETA Camp for several reasons.

First, they value the hands-on activities and approach--actively building startups instead of just learning about them.

Secondly, the mentorship and networking programs are amazing, providing practical advice and connections for building a global business.

Also, there are nuggets of wisdom from founders and professionals who are always there to share a good tip for smart career moves.

Student feedback about BETA Camp

But it's not just students who are happy with Beta Camp--parents also witness significant progress in their children's development, achievements, and, most importantly, confidence.

Parent's testimonial about BETA Camp


Summer Program

LaunchX is a competitive summer program for high school students based on the MIT campus that brings together high school entrepreneurs and provides them with the resources and network to start real companies.

Through business workshops and notable guest speakers, teenage members are able to gain insight into the secrets of running a business and allow their entrepreneurial spirits to thrive. 

LaunchX summer programs

LaunchX Essentials: What You Need to Know

There are four different LaunchX summer programs. Here's the detailed breakdown of each:

Online Entrepreneurship Program

  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Location: Online (available worldwide)
  • Description: The Online Entrepreneurship Summer Program involves practical learning. Students work with peers worldwide to start, solve, and launch products.
  • Price: $6,500

Online Innovation Program

  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Location: Online (available worldwide)
  • Description: The program lets you work as a consultant this summer. Collaborate with students worldwide to solve real business problems.
  • Price: $4,750

Bay Area Entrepreneurship Program:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Location: Bay Area, California (in-person)
  • Description: Students join teams to launch a company during this program, which takes place in the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Bay Area.
  • Price: $9,970

Ann Arbor Entrepreneurship Program:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan (in-person)
  • Description: Start a real company in 4 weeks at the University of Michigan. Get hands-on experience and a supportive global community.
  • Price: $9,970

Who can join LaunchX?

LaunchX is for high school students aged 15 to 18, from the summer after 9th grade to the summer after 12th grade. Applicants must be currently attending high school.

Success Stories

Students say LaunchX programs really make a difference. Many start their own ventures afterward.

For example, one student became a TEDx speaker and co-founded a tech startup that raised over $100 million.

Another started HelpWear Inc., making healthcare more affordable. These are just some of the success stories that show how LaunchX programs help their students learn and develop practical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Program participants' success stories

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Summer Program

UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business hosts a summer entrepreneurship program for high school students considering a future in business and entrepreneurship.

Through work with Berkeley professors and undergrads, students will develop skills in research, writing business plans, communication, oral presentation, and teamwork.

It is a great opportunity to expand your network with one of the best business schools in America and gain critical entrepreneurship experience. 

Berkeley program for high school

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth: What You Need to Know

B-BAY is a great two-week program that introduces students to the business world and offers many benefits, such as:

  • Berkeley's culture and academic experience.
  • Collaboration on projects, idea sharing and team building.
  • Confidence and teamwork skills building.
  • Improved communication and presentation abilities.
  • Fun activities like campus tours and scavenger hunts.
  • Practical business skills in just two weeks.
  • UC Berkeley Business Academy for Youth Certificate after completing the program.

There are two different cohorts for high school students:

  1. Gold Cohort: Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 pm PST
  2. Blue Cohort: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 pm PST

Price: $1,700 USD (includes tuition, materials, UC campus fees, and administrative costs).

Who can join Berkeley Business Academy for Youth?

All high school rising juniors and seniors are eligible to join this two week program.

Students & Parents' Feedback

Students love the B-BAY program which helps them grow their entrepreneurial and research skills, and make new friends. They also appreciate the constant support from teaching assistants.

Parents are also satisfied with the program's quality, noting its positive impact on their children's learning and personal development.

Both students and parents like B-BAY's immersive learning, quality instruction, independent research opportunities, and valuable insights into college life and the business world.

Testimonials from high school students and parents about B-BAY program


Summer Program

Leangap is an international summer entrepreneurial program for high schoolers who want to study business-related topics. It is a start-up incubator that teaches high school students how to build their own scalable companies and nonprofits.

The programs help you launch an impactful startup with guidance from mentors who have launched startups themselves.

With Leangap, you'll gain real customers and connect with genuine investors, outside of a traditional classroom environment

And in just one summer, you'll leave this camp with a fully launched business that attracts real customers and users. 

Leangap international business program

Leangap: What You Need to Know

Leangap has two business summer programs for high school entrepreneurs:

San Francisco Program

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Location: UC Berkeley, San Francisco
  • Description: Experience Silicon Valley's tech scene at UC Berkeley. Learn from entrepreneurs, stay in SF, attend campus classes, and enjoy group activities. Plus, you get airport pick-up and meals included.
  • Price: $9,450

Online Program

  • Duration: 4 weeks (with 2 weeks prep)
  • Location: Join from anywhere
  • Description: Learn remotely with a global community. Attend classes and receive mentorship from entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • Price: $6,450

Who can join Leangap?

No special criteria. Leangap seeks passionate, determined, collaborative, skilled, and impactful students.

Students' Feedback

Leangap students love its straightforward teaching style, focusing on real-world skills rather than theory.

Many credit the program for their personal growth, transforming from quiet individuals to confident leaders.

With Leangap's guidance, a lot of students have launched successful business plans, and ventures, generating significant revenue.

All these testimonials highlight Leangap's commitment to nurturing young entrepreneurs and helping them succeed beyond the classroom.

Positive feedback from Leangap student

Babson Summer Study for High School Students

Summer Program

The Babson Summer Study for High School Students is a 3.5-week experiential program that is currently online and teaches high school students interested in how to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

Members of the program cultivate core career skills and a sharp entrepreneurial mindset while working with peers from around the globe and earning 4 college credits from the top-ranked college for entrepreneurship.

Students receive guidance from experienced mentors and Babson graduate and undergraduate students who assist them throughout the program and beyond.

Babson summer business programs

Babson Summer Study: What You Need to Know

Let's go through key details about Babson business programs for high school students:

  • Cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking
  • Understanding United Nations Global Goals
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurial Experience (EPS 1110)
  • Engagement with Babson faculty and mentors
  • Access to live and self-paced classes
  • Three week program of immersive learning and leadership skills development
  • Readiness to start your own business after the program
  • Four college credits

Price: $6295 (+ $95 application program fee)

Who can join Babson Summer Study?

Babson Summer Study is for rising high school juniors and seniors aged 16 or older who will graduate in 2025 or 2026.

Students' feedback

Students love Babson summer programs, calling them life-changing.

They say it ignites a passion for tackling big problems and teaches vital skills. Students here learn resilience and empathy and feel empowered to take action right away.

They get amazing communication skills and learn how to build their own business step by step.

The feedback from Babson summer college student

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

School Year Program

Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a year long entrepreneurship program for high school students that transforms them into confident business leaders.

Upon entering YEA's class and forming an idea, you will begin to learn how to run your own real business or social movement.

You'll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on business, personal finance, networking and much more!

YEA! business programs for high school students

Young Entrepreneurs Academy: What You Need to Know

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) offers high school students a college experience in the following:

  • Transformation into confident entrepreneurs
  • Positive community impact through local partnerships
  • National partnerships with organizations like the United States Chamber of Commerce
  • Mission to enable a successful transition to adulthood and foster an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Vision to establish innovative entrepreneurship programs nationwide
  • Ability to to turn business idea into reality
  • Partial or full scholarships for admission to the Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Price: $850

Who can join YEA!?

YEA! accepts applications from students in grades 6-12.

Success Stories

YEA! graduates have achieved amazing things, from starting multiple local businesses to teaching English in India.

Many continue running their ventures in college, and some have even pitched on Shark Tank. If you visit the YEA! website, you can see photos of these successful students, and clicking on each picture takes you to their businesses for inspiration.

Successful YEA! program participants

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

School Club

Future Business Leaders of America is a student organization that assists high school students interested in transitioning to the business world through competitions that you can participate in through your school chapter.

These competitions focus on a variety of different areas to help high school students, such as leadership development, academic competitions, education programs, and more.

If your high school doesn't have a chapter, click here to learn how to start one!

What do students receive with FBLA

Future Business Leaders of America: What You Need to Know

FBLA is one of the best business schools in America that offers the following benefits for all high school students:

  • Access to the largest business student organization worldwide
  • Preparation for business careers through relevant experiences
  • Guidance on developing an ethical business mindset
  • Opportunities to participate in community projects and initiatives
  • Membership in a respected 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation
  • Convenient contact options for inquiries and assistance

Here's how FBLA High School empowers students through its focused initiatives:

  • Summer Starter: Lay the groundwork for success by electing officers, setting goals, and planning activities.
  • Shaping Success: Recruit and retain members through events and engagement.
  • Service Season: Make a difference in your community and connect with professionals.
  • CTE Celebration: Track progress and celebrate achievements with Goosechase.

Price - Ask your high school's FBLA president about costs.

Who can join FBLA?

Students in grades 9-12 aiming for future career success are eligible to join.

Students' Feedback

According to FBLA students, the organization offers experiences that completely change life. Students get valuable opportunities for success.

They develop leadership, public speaking, and communication skills. One of the best parts for every student is expanding their networks and forging lasting friendships.

Also, FBLA opens doors to exciting adventures--from national recognitions to travel opportunities and internships.

Students about FBLA


School Club

DECA prepares emerging high school leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and career-ready through competitions that cover the basics of entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and much more!

Because of the wide variety of DECA competitions, participants are able to compete in competitions that tailor specifically to their interests.

If your school doesn't have a DECA chapter, learn how to make one here!

DECA program for high school students

DECA: What You Need to Know

DECA offers one of the best business programs for high school students, and here's why:

  • Local, chartered association, and international opportunities.
  • Opportunity to compete in nearly 60 events to earn the DECA Glass.
  • Development of 21st-century skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and communication.
  • Enhancement of leadership through campaigns, community service, and advocacy.
  • Participation in the Emerging Leader Series for personal growth and networking.
  • Access to hundreds of scholarships based on involvement and performance.
  • Application of learning through real-world projects and corporate challenges.
  • Practical experience gained through school-based enterprise.
  • Access to DECA Direct Online for career insights and opportunities.

Price - Ask your high school's DECA president for any costs.

Who can join DECA?

High school students in grades nine through twelve interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and management careers, as well as DECA advisors and professionals.

Success Story

DECA, along with eDynamic Learning and Knowledge Matters transformed education at Birdville ISD. Despite facing personal challenges, students found hope and confidence through these programs.

eDynamic Learning's digital curriculum offers flexible materials, including the Workplace & Internship Readiness course, while Knowledge Matters' simulations provide hands-on experiences.

Also, taking part in DECA competitions completely boosted students' job readiness.

With smooth integration and tech help, these programs assist each student in making their business idea real.

Professor's thoughts about DECA

Business Professionals of America

School Club

BPA is an international business program that offers high schoolers the chance to develop valuable leadership skills and make life-lasting connections through an assortment of competitions.

These competitions help students build their skills in areas such as finance, marketing, business administration, computer science, and small business entrepreneurship.

Participating in BPA competitions enables high school students to gain access to many scholarships and opportunities that will allow them to thrive in the future as well!

You can join your school's current chapter or learn how to make one here.

Business Professionals of America program for high school students

Business Professionals of America: What You Need to Know

Business Professionals of America provides:

  • Skills development through fun contests
  • Access to scholarships
  • Premier CTSO for careers in business management, information technology, finance, and office administration
  • Co-curricular exercises based on national standards
  • Support for business and information technology educators

Price - BPA divides members into categories. High School members belong to the Secondary Division and pay $14.

Who can join BPA?

Any student at secondary, middle level, or post-secondary schools.

‍Students' feedback

Students regularly share positive feedback on BPA's official Facebook page, praising its hands-on experiences, confidence-building, and real-world skill testing.

According to their comments, these business programs for high school students are better than expected, with fun competitions and valuable knowledge.

Students also love the rewarding state competitions.

Positive student's feedback about BPA

How to Choose The Right Program for High School Entrepreneurs?

You don't need to go to Drexel University's LeBow College to get a head start on your future career in business.

No matter if you dream of attending a consulting business school, sports business academy, or something else in business world, there are high school programs for taking the step forward even before starting your college journey.

So, if you're not sure what program is right for you, these simple tips can help you find the perfect fit:

  1. Know Your Interests: Identify what aspect of business and entrepreneurship excites you the most and what is your business plan.
  2. Check Features: Look into the program's curriculum, teaching methods, and opportunities.
  3. Set Goals: Determine what you want to achieve from the program.
  4. Consider Duration: Decide if you prefer a short-term or long-term program, and whether you want online or in-person learning.
  5. Read Reviews: Check reviews and testimonials from past program participants.
  6. Check Costs: Consider the program's cost and any available financial aid.
  7. Seek Advice: Talk to teachers, counselors, or mentors for recommendations.

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