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April 5, 2023

From 0 to Revenue: How Suma Built a Successful Productivity Toolkit

Arlene Texeira
Content Creator
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Have you ever felt like navigating the business world is like running a never-ending obstacle course? Well, we've got news for you! BETA Camp is here to help teenagers flip this dynamic on its head. Think of it as Shark Tank for ambitious teens, where you put your ideas into action, and learn how to succeed in the real-world.

Meet Suma Dendi, a chess player turned entrepreneur who turned her dreams into reality with the help of BETA Camp. From playing chess to mastering the business game, Suma's journey is a great example of how teens can make a real-world impact decades ahead of their peers.

From 0 to Revenue: Creating a Productivity Tool Suite for Teens with ADHD 

At BETA Camp, Suma learned how to develop her entrepreneurial skills and how to pitch her ideas to experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders.  

She was fortunate to collaborate with other driven teenagers who shared her passion for helping other teens maximize their productivity and potential. Her team honed in on a huge problem: helping teens manage their time, and stay on track.

At BETA Camp, Suma and her team created a productivity tool suite for students with ADHD. It's like a superhero for focus, helping students stay on track and organized.

“We added various features like a parking lot and guided meditation, things like that. Basically a whole tool suite that can help you in any way possible to manage your productivity.”

Suma and her team sold their toolkit on Etsy and realized there was a high demand for ADHD productivity tools. The product helps students organize their thoughts. For example, they have a parking lot where you can dump all your random musings and ideas or scribble down your thoughts and come back to them later. It's like a brainstorming session without a fancy conference room. 

At BETA Camp, she learned the importance of building fast and iterating quickly. Her team built an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and went straight to market to get their first  customers. Take-away: you don’t have to have everything polished right off the bat. Instead get something out in the market, get feedback, and iterate.

This lesson helped Suma create a product that she knew others actually wanted, maximize her time, and get to real revenue faster!

More than a Startup: Building real-world skills at BETA Camp

One of the key benefits Suma sees from being part of BETA Camp is that it has helped her develop her interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills. 

The program taught her how to ideate her business, test it and receive feedback from customers. This type of structure is valuable in developing her grit. 

“I would convince parents to support their children in doing BETA Camp because it's really a program that offers really unique value. You know, it's really different from school as in these skills that you learn. Like developing businesses, and developing your confidence.”

Suma says that being part of BETA Camp is a whole different ball game from going to school. It gives a different and unique experience that cannot be translated. 

One of the key lessons Suma learned during her time at BETA Camp was the importance of having the right network. She now knows how to network like a boss. This program not only helped her develop her business skills but also helped her build her confidence and stand up for what she wanted. Having also learned the importance of asking for help and not being afraid of rejection. 

What Can Teen Entrepreneurs Learn from Suma's Experience? 

In conclusion, if you’re a high school student looking to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, BETA Camp is your ticket. The program offers an unmatched experience that helps young entrepreneurs develop their skills, expand their network, and explore their potential.

Suma learned a lot from working with other teenagers who want to start their own businesses, and the skills and process to start a company in the future.

“You're really the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And having those five people be BETA camp peers and mentors is truly a gift.”

And let’s not forget the invaluable opportunity to expand her circle of with mentors who lead BETA Camp workshops, from industry professionals at Airbnb, Tesla and Google, to Fortune 500 leaders and startup CEOs. She made connections with other ambitious teens that would make LinkedIn jealous. 

So, if you're an ambitious teenager who wants to make a difference in the world, apply for an upcoming BETA Camp cohort today.

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